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Hue Light

Fundamental care without side-effects

We are contributing to build a society with enhanced quality of life and no more suffering patients from drug side-effects

  • Rooted to Immunophysiology

    The source of most chronic diseases, such as cancer, begins with problems in the circulation of the human body. Hue Light develops a treatment tool rooted on the basic research on blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and antioxidant and hormone balance.
  • Product Development

    Hue Light focuses to develop PBM technology – which aids in blood, blood vessels, hormones, lymph nodes, human circulation and nerves- based devices and hydrogen inhaling devices for home and clinics.


TBA : Professional treatment device for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)

World’s most pure water, 97% deuterium depleted water, Light-water R&D on DDW for anti-aging