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Whole-body PBM

Whole-body PBM Therapy

PBM is an abbriviation for Photobiomodulation.

Medical Term: PBM

PBM is a medical term that explains about the change the reaction of the cells and activate the circulation by irradiating (appropriate strength) particular wavelength of light onto the body.
This term has been acknowledged as a primary keyword as a future clinical method in the medical subject headings (MeSH) of the research heading in the US National Institute of Health (NIH).

PBM therapy acknowledged via clinical studies

There are more than 5,000 research studies on LLLT, now known as Photobiomodulation, out of these, many significant studies have been listed on the National Library of Medicine (NCBI) website.

Hue Light Whole-body PBM chamber, well-certified in Europe

Hue Light’s whole-body PBM chamber has been exported to 15 different countries worldwide including the US and Europe.

€ 91,473,- / EU Price

Appraisal about the PBM chamber

  • COVID-19 prevention and treatment with PBM therapy

    Clinical studies are being continuously released on PBM therapy in the effect of treating and/or preventing COVID-19 that has driven the world to pandemic. Click on the button to view the studies from the National Institute of Health: Library of Medicine and others.