Hydrogen Inhalation therapy (HIT)


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Hydrogen Inhalation therapy (HIT)

Cases from abroad: Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy registered as a medical treatment method

In November 2016, hydrogen inhalation treatment has been approved as an Advanced Medical B by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. From then, increasing number of hospitals are applying molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy.
Advanced Medical B Approval
of hydrogen inhalation therapy

Hydrogen inhalation therapy! Hue Light’s hydrogen inhalation device (H-1200) has been exported to over 15 different countries worldwide including the US and Germany

On March 13, 2020, China has approved the hydrogen inhalation device .
as a medical device for the pneumonia treatment..
It is being applied to increasing number of hospitals.

Correlation between cancer and hydrogen inhalation therapy

To better understand how the hydrogen inhalation therapy may help with the cancer treatment, we should first understand about the deuterium (heavy hydrogen) - an isotope of hydrogen.

Clinical studies on hydrogen inhalation on lung diseases, brain diseases and anti-cancer side-effect care are being continuously published.

Features of hydrogen inhalation therapy

Hydrogen inhalation therapy does not have any side-effects and the treatment effect increases along with the time of treatment, so longer the better. Generally, there’s no drug that does not have side-effects; however, the hydrogen inhalation therapy has been acknowledged to have no side-effects. In addition, the hydrogen inhalation therapy works on almost all parts of the body and organs.

COVID-19, lung disease, brain fog and cytokine storm

Increasing number of studies are being published introducing hydrogen inhalation therapy for prevention and treatment method for COVID-19.

Increase in number of studies on hydrogen inhalation therapy

The number of increased publications on hydrogen inhalation indicates people’s raised interest.

Publication on hydrogen inhalation therapy

A book on the hydrogen inhalation therapy can be purchased on major bookstores and Amazon.
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