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What is Space Energy?

1. Space Energy in Daily Lives

Beyond air pollution level and oxygen concentration, living microorganisms occupying the space in the forest and the city are different. This can be easily seen in the distinguishable fermentation level of the fermented food in the urban and rural areas. In Mongol, if you place a pack of milk outside, it becomes a cheese. However, the same cannot be expected in the city.

2. Invisible, yet Effective Energy

In 2000, NASA reported that the substances discovered in the space-time is only 4% and the remaining 96% is still unknown dark matter. This dark matter and energy are penetrating our body and the universe every moment; however, it has been scientifically disregarded because there was no way to prove its existence.

3. Space energy can have a positive influence on the living things as the microorganisms in the air change.

While, there’s an oriental saying that “surrounding us, it is filled with invisible energy,” these days, western scientific studies are also claiming that “there’s an immeasurable yet existent unknown energy filled in the space.” Many scientists are developing this energy device in various ways to aid in vivo-activity. This unknown energy has been referred to as vacuum energy, zero-point energy, and scalar energy.

4. Bioenergy, space energy device

“SPACE ENERGY” refers to a device that cohere and emit the energy using the constant geometric structured plate. This near to ZERO, nonelectronic magnetic energy aids in vivoactivity through rotary (swirl) motion, which differs from electric energy. This energy balances the microorganisms by transforming the energy flow and the matter in the space. With the “space energy device,” it balances the viruses and microorganism ratio to protect the living species from getting diseased.

Physicians who explored the space energy and the universe

  • Michael Faraday
    (1791 ~ 1867)

    The law of electromagnetic induction, the principle of generators

  • James Clerk Maxwell
    (1831 ~ 1879)

    Maxwell equation, electromagnetic motion discovery (transverse and longitudinal waves)

  • Heinrich Rudolf Hertz
    (1857 ~ 1894)

    existence of electromagnetic waves

  • NiKola Tesla

    (1856 ~ 1943)

    Alternating current invention, using spatial energy current (segmental wave theory)

  • Max Planck
    (1858 ~ 1947)

    Established quantum mechanism, defined the minimum space energy as zero energy

  • Alvert Einstein
    (1879 ~ 1955)

    General, Special theory of Relativity, space is a curved field, and the condensation of space is mass.

  • Red internal 1st generation device
    Developer Dr. Lee, Youngwon
    (Research began from 1950s and completed in 1999)
    Dr. Lee delivers the space energy device to Dr. Stephen Hawking
    On the left is Director Kim,
    Korea Institute for Advanced Study (YTN, 2000.9.9)
  • 3rd generation space energy device
    Feb 2017

The phenomena occurring surrounding the device

  • 01 Maintain the freshness of food longer
  • 02 Turns the property of water to be healthier
  • 03 Accelerate the plant growth
  • 04Strengthens the antiviral functions of the individuals