The history of photo-therapy


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The history of photo-therapy

History of photo-therapy seen through the pictures

Photo-therapy in the past

Auguste Rollier & Heliotherapy (Europe)
Rollier has referred to the exposure to the sun at 18 degrees C as a warm wind bath.
  • Health management using the sunlight (1936)

  • Tuberculosis treatment via the sunlight

  • “Warm wind bath”  

The issue with the sunlight treatment

Contradictions due to the exposure to the UV rays
  • Dr. Auguste Rollier

  • Auguste Rollier & Heliotherapy

 incandescent lamp[light] sauna

Incandescent lamp sauna had been developed
to resolve the issue with the UV ray exposure

Lamp sauna developer

Dr. Kellog, John Harvey (1852 - 1943)

Incandescent light functions only as a sauna since it was impossible to apply the light principles of appropriate wavelengths and irradiance for the treatment of targeting the cells and chromophores.

Various different incandescent light sauna devices made in Germany before the medical LED devices were developed

Devices that technically cools the high heat of the incandescent lights, by placing the light bulbs inside the water tubes where the water flow

  • Germany | Heckel’s incandescent lamp heating device (1990s)

  • Germany | Irathem’s incandescent lamp heating device (1990s)

  • Features Incandescent lamps (Halogen lamp) can only function as a sauna since the appropriate wavelengths and irradiance for targeting the cells and chromophores cannot be applied
  • Near-infrared wavelengths Cannot select the wavelengths of the near-infrared effective for the treatment; with its high heat intensity, it is appropriate for the sauna
  • Expense - High electric bill expense; water and sewage facility needs to be constructed.
    - Short life-span of the halogen lamp: needs to be changed for every 10 months or so
  • Usage time Over 1 hour

Sauna devices that used the incandescent light bulbs made in Korea

  • Features Uses regular light bulbs to give a sauna effect; water and sewage system needed to be installed. Cools the high heat of the light bulbs with a tap water
  • Maintenance Expense High electric bill expense; Short life-span of the halogen lamp (less than a year)

Whole-body PBM chambers all around the world

The device that uses the low-level laser LEDs for the treatment, introduced by Dr. Michael R. Hamblin, Harvard Medical School and Wellman Center for Photomedicine
  • Hue Light PBM Chamber (KOREA)
    전세계 수출 미국 FDA, 유럽인증 제품


  • Novo-THOR (England UK)

  • Prism Light POD PBM Chamber (USA)

  • Envy Light Capsule (USA)

  • Kloodos PBM Chamber(France)

  • Prices Around 40~130 thousand USD
  • Effects Can apply the principles of photobiology: the wavelengths and the irradiance of the near-infrared effective for the treatment
  • Maintenance Expense N/A
  • Temperature Not necessarily sweat. The temperature of the inner chamber is similar to the body temp
  • Usage time 15-20 min